Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nashville Day 1

We planned a Valentine getaway weekend with some of our friends!  I was so excited to get out of town and have a mental break from being a mom all day!  We had lots of dinner reservations and shopping planned!  :)  If you follow me on instagram, you have already seen all of these photos!  :)

First stop was Loveless Cafe for breakfast! Ben and I had never been here before, so we were super excited!  It totally lived up to our expectations!!!!
After breakfast, we went to the mall for some shopping. Of course. We ended up spending most of our time at the M-A-C store getting new faces. :) This was our artist, PJ, and he was insanely fabulous! He did our makeup to perfection, and didn't take it overboard like some artists tend to do. I bought a bunch of new products that I am in love with!
I also tried on these Kate Spade heels that I am in love with. <3happy to be home. only thing that would've made the trip better is if i could've gotten these kate spade heels. ♠️ #katespade @katespadeny #karolina #oneday
We had dinner at Merchant's downtown, and it was so fun being downtown!
After dinner, we went to the candy shoppe, and several stores to try on cowboy boots!

My mom sent me random pics of the kids, which I was thankful for!!

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