Wednesday, January 29, 2014


a few photos that i wanted to document. :)

sweet boy does not sleep good anywhere but his bed, but he was so tired the other day, he fell asleep in the chair watching a baby einstein.

i didn't realize that bennett had a dirty diaper after school the other day. he was asleep when we got home, and i had to change him, waking him up in the process. good and awake. no turning back. i hate those days.
nap time #fail. but at least I got to witness this sweet moment.  #love #vscocam
he could not go back to sleep, so i asked austin to occupy him for a few minutes until my tv show ended. ha! advantage of having a big sister, i guess. :) anyway, i peeped in to find this. love these two boogers. bennett's leg crossed over kills me.

also, he has been taking lots of selfies lately.

this is a sight that brings goodness to my soul...
you moms know what i mean. aren't you more attracted to your spouse when they do things like this?

we let the kids have an ice cream and movie night this past weekend.
we were in kroger, and everyone picked out their own ice cream. austin got mint chocolate chip, and bennett got strawberry (which was the best in my opinion). ben also got some kind of peanut butter. i have been a kroger ice cream addict lately. there is this flavor called chocolate ganache... oh my word... do yourself a favor and RUN to get this. i mean, if you're a chocolate lover and all. :)


Unknown said...

That picture of Bennett sleeping. Oh my. I just love that little guy!

Breanna said...

You seriously have the two cutest kiddos ever! :) I totally know what you mean about seeing your husband interact with your children. It makes my heart melt :)