Friday, January 31, 2014

pre birthday fun

Sidenote- the blog got a makeover!  Yay!  I am loving it!

My friend Chelsea invited me to lunch on Wednesday to celebrate my birthday!  She is gone to Disney World now, so she has a pretty good excuse to miss my actual birthday.  :)  I wish I was with her!  I went ahead and got the kids dressed early, and we joined some of their buddies for open gym play time.
They love this place! And it's so great that they can run around free and for the most part be safe. :) I do have to keep my eyes on them to make sure they don't try anything crazy. Especially this one...
Here is Benny Boop with one of his best buddies, Henry. They kill me. Too much cuteness.
After that we went to lunch, and had so much fun! I had my favorite lunch meal in town, and it was delish, as always.  Thanks, girls!  Love y'all so much!
my 1st birthday present!!  thankful for the bestest frans!! @_chelseamac

Also, I have got to post this photo, because I have been laughing about it for about 3 days.  :)  Can anyone relate????  :)

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