Friday, January 17, 2014

december/january favorites

december was so crazy that i didn't get a favorites post up, so here we are. a couple of these things are items that i repeat purchase every year. hope you enjoy!

1. pottery barn cozy cable knit throw - i am obsessed with this blanket.  i wanted one for a really long time, but i didn't want to spend that much money on a blanket for myself.  it's just not that exciting of a purchase.  i finally got one from an outlet store at a discount, and honestly, it's probably worth the full retail price.  i have the cardinal, which is at the top of this stock photo.

2. erin condren life planner - this is a repeat purchase.  this photo is the 3 of mine from 2012, 2013, and 2014.  i love change, and trying new things, so this year i decided to buy a different brand of planner.  thankfully, it wasn't personalized with my name, and when it came in the mail i hated it.  i ended up selling it on ebay, and buying another erin condren.  there's just nothing like them.  it may seem like a steep price for a planner, but i seriously use this thing every single day, all year.  i carry it around in my car, my purse, or just leave it on my counter.

3. kate spade resin hard iPhone case - i have been wanting a kate spade iPhone case for a while, but wasn't sure what kind to get.  on the kate spade website, there are "resin" cases, and "silicone" cases.  i finally bought this turquoise gingham case on ebay for a good price to try, and i LOVE it.  i have become a little kate spade coo coo, but that's another story.  :)

4. pear tree greetings valentine cards - most people know that i am a shutterfly freak.  i only order my photo books, prints, and cards from them... except valentine's day.  instead of buying the ordinary valentine cards from walmart, i like to get a little something different.  they aren't expensive, and they are SO cute for austin (and now bennett) to pass out to their friends at school and church.  in this photo, the "be my valentine" on the bottom was the first set that we ordered a couple of years ago.  we also order matching stickers to go with them, and then separately purchase some kind of happy to go with it.  the first year, we included a small sucker in the envelope before sealing with the sticker.  last year, we used a glue dot, and tacked on a small box of crayons.  the possibilities are endless!  (also, each time i refer someone, pear tree donates $20 to caring bridge!)

5. TIGI perfect eyeliner - i have been using a drug store eyeliner for a really long time, and it always does ok, but i got to noticing that when my friends applied their eyeliner, it didn't "pull" on their eyelids like mine did.  it just penciled right on really easily.  so i started looking for a new brand to try, and i came across this at my cosmo supply store.  it is only guaranteed when sold in salons, so i may would search one out if you want to purchase.  you can also purchase through amazon, but again, not guaranteed.

6. yoplait original vanilla yogurt - i have always been a big yoplait original fan (all of the "light" versions have artificial sugar), but have always only bought strawberry, and i would easily get burned out on it.  i have found a new favorite.  not sure why i never tried the vanilla before, but it is a win.  i also like to sometimes add a little granola, and drizzle a little honey in it.  yum!

7. victoria's secret sleepover cotton pajama - vicky secret is pretty much on my hate list, but they just had a big sale, and i bought 3 pajama sets.  i really needed pj's, and they can be a bit expensive sometimes.  well, oh my word... these pajamas are amazing.  i have always bought flannel 2-piece pajama sets, and then didn't get much wear out of them because they are a little TOO warm for mississippi winters.  these are 100% cotton, and they are just perfect.  and comfortable?  the BEST.

8. all-clad stainless steel cookware - we have had a set of non-stick cookware since marriage.  it has served us well, but it didn't hold up as well as we thought it would.  we have recently thrown away 3 pieces because of the non-stick coating peeling off.  (side note - in case you don't know, it is extremely dangerous to cook in cookware when the non-stick coating is coming off.  proven fact to cause cancer... beware!)  we started shopping around for options to replace the few pieces that we used the most.  we spoke with a lady at williams-sonoma, googled, asked opinions, etc.  all-clad seemed to come in at #1 every time.  we bought 2 pieces of the stainless, and even though i have only cooked in them a few times, we are LOVING them.  it is an expensive purchase, but from what i hear, i won't be buying cookware again for a LONG time.

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