Tuesday, January 28, 2014

cold and anniversary

long time, no blog.  i feel like we weren't really that busy during christmas this year, but now all of a sudden, we are swamped!  how does that happen?
I am so in love with this boy! even when he makes me get up an hour earlier in the morning.  #mamasboy #love
we have had some good weather, and some not so good weather lately. currently it is about 19 degrees outside. i have felt so bad for the kids, especially bennett, because of not being able to play outside. he loves being outside!

we went to visit gammy and papaw a couple of weekends ago. they had a gift card to a nice restaurant and wanted to share it with us since it was our anniversary. it was fun, and i'm glad we got an early reservation because my kids were wild. i always joke that we are like the circus. i tell people, "welcome to the circus!" :) would you just look at these goofy faces... what on earth?

a few nights later, it was our anniversary, which happened to also be martin luther king day. everything was closed, and since it was monday, most of the nice restaurants would be closed anyway. we ended up driving around town looking for somewhere to go, and randomly came up on this place called "the beer garden." ha!
ben got out and asked if they had a menu, or if they only served drinks, and come to find out they had a small menu of food that turned out to be great! it was in the back of one of our favorite and most special places in town, so it was neat that we got to also have our anniversary dinner there. after that, we went to a coffee shop to kill time, drove through campus, and then went to a late showing of the hobbit. it was our 2nd time to see it, and we made it to the part where the dwarves enter the mountain, and i was begging to leave. i was so sleepy.
we have been married 7 years, and together 11. i feel old. :)

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