Sunday, December 22, 2013

preparations and grandparents!

ben has a family tradition of making stollen christmas bread.  i thought it was disgusting when i first had it, but now i LOVE it.  he varied from the family recipe for the last couple of years, but it was never as good.  this year he stuck to the good stuff, and also doubled the recipe.  they started working on it saturday.  austin thought it was the greatest thing ever.  :)  she is so proud that she helped!
grandma and grandpa also came saturday for our christmas with them. we went out for lunch at newk's, which is always my favorite. the kids had so much fun opening gifts. austin had been begging for days to start opening (of course), and bennett really got into it!
austin is a little obsessed with ariel… can you tell? :)
grandma explaining who the gift was from, and benny hanging out with grandpa…
austin got ariel panties and jammies, so of course i had to wash them right away for her to wear that night. :)
thank you grandma and grandpa for a fun day! we love you!

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