Monday, December 9, 2013

luke's party and randomness

ben says he feels like all we do is take austin to birthday parties.  :)  it's not really his cup of tea, but he even had fun at this one!
that's what you get when you tell them to say "cheese." :) the kids always have SO much fun at the gym. bennett loves to run around, and was fascinated with the footballs this time.
we had a horrible, horrible week last week with austin and night time sleep. let's just say, praise God that the week is over, and try to forget it. bennett has been doing good, except he was sick this weekend. he still has a runny nose, but he had a fever saturday and sunday. :( boy loves his daddy…
snoozing after school thursday...
we have been loving our christmas pajamas!!
Untitledmy little snow peeps. ⛄️ #christmaspajamas #siblings #love #merrychristmas

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