Thursday, December 12, 2013

austin's christmas program!

austin had her first ever school christmas program on the tuesday.  i was SO excited!  probably way more than she was.  :)  we woke up that morning with no electricity.  there was a huge outage, so several of us were talking about it, and looking semi-rough.  :)  my biggest complaint was no coffee.  :) but austi bug and her friends were looking cute, as always…
it is so fun having the kids in preschool, and having austin and ballet. we have made such good friends at these places, and also at church. there are a couple of austin and bennett's buds in this photo.
the 2 year olds were first, and then the 3 year olds. since austin's birthday is in september, she's in the 3 year old class, but is the oldest in the class.
after the 4 year olds sang and we were dismissed, austin's sweet teacher had us some refreshments in their classroom.  here is one of austin's bffs, anderson...
love these people…
we are so thankful for mrs. ford. she is so awesome…
gammy was with us too, and it was quite exciting with no electricity. it was freezing cold, and we got ready with flashlights and lanterns. :) after i picked the kids up from school, we went to lunch with lala, and by the time we got home, we had electric again. first world problems.

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