Saturday, November 23, 2013

parties and bedtime

the kiddos had their thanksgiving parties at school this week.  love these turkeys!
i snapped a quick pic of benny boop at his party on tuesday, but i didn't get to be at austin's party on thursday.

to keep it all real… austin almost didn't even get to go to her party.  we have had a horrible horrible week at our house.  the morning of her party, she threw a huge fit because she didn't like the shoes that i made her wear.  but the main problem is...

the child DOES NOT SLEEP.

she is always SO tired at bedtime, but she fights her sleep till the very end.  it drives me crazy.  she cries and whines, screams, kicks, throws tantrums, anything under the sun.  she has had a smart mouth, been very disobedient, and was bad a church wed. night.

we have taken away all of her movies, all of her princess dolls… anything that she really loves is gone.


i seriously feel like i'm loosing my mind some days.  i don't know what else to do.

thursday night, we had an epic bedtime fit that finally ended when she got sprayed in the face with water… not once, not twice, but it took THREE times.  she finally calmed down and went to sleep.  keep in mind, this was over an hour after her initial bedtime.  THEN, as if that wasn't enough, at 1am ben wakes me up because apparently austin has been awake crying and screaming and won't have anything to do with him.  i was furious!!  i find her in her bed crying and whining something about her feet.  ben had already prepared the syringe of tylenol so i gave it to her and told her to lay down.  she would not calm down, and was being so loud that i didn't want her to wake bennett.  i told her she could sleep on the couch but i better not hear a SOUND out of her.  she did.  after she cried walking down the entire hallway.  it's a miracle bennett didn't wake up.  she climbed up on the couch and laid down with a smile.  went right to sleep.

i am still mad just thinking about it.  1am people.  for no reason.  her feet didn't hurt.

WHAT DO I DO?????  i'm loosing it.  no joke.  last night wasn't quite as bad, but it was still bad.  she got out of her bed, again, wouldn't go back (even though daddy had said he would take us to breakfast, and then told her we weren't going if she wouldn't go back to bed), and ended up getting a spanking before she would go.  i'm telling you… it's every. single. night.

the child has never been a good sleeper, but at 4 years old??  why is she still fighting her sleep so bad?  why does she wake up in the night every night?  what do i do when she is crying and being so loud and her brother is in the next room?  how do i make going to sleep an easy peaceful process??  is that possible??

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Stacey Mullins said...

Girl - Gracie fights it too!! She wants to sleep in her sleeping bag everynight. I basically let her! I am getting her some christmas sheets hoping that she might want to return to her comfy bed. If she hears us up she doesn't want to miss anything. My child requires like hardly any sleep either. Lord help us.