Tuesday, November 19, 2013

november favorite things

1. i have a new obsession with flannel shirts! i want to wear mine every single day. they are cozy, warm, and comfy! i have worn them with jeans, but my favorite is to wear them with leggings. they are sold in women's departments, but both of mine are from the men's department. i like them being a little too big, and not fitted. also, i think they are longer coming from the men's department, so they look better with leggings (aka cover my booty).

2. OPI my favorite ornament is a new shade from the mariah carey holiday 2013 collection. i saw this in the store and didn't think it was anything special, but then i saw it on my friend chelsea's nails, and it is a-mazing. it's the perfect gold color! the whole mariah collection as a whole is absolutely fabulous.

3. organix moroccan smooth perfection blow out cream is a great product to add some smoothness to your hair when blow drying daily. there is a more expensive brand on the market that has a similar product, but i decided to give this cheaper one a try, and i really like it! it doesn't seem to be heavy, even on my fine hair. i like to mix it with other styling products as well.

4. i follow this lady on instagram, and i loooove the things in her shop! what drew my attention to her in the first place were these SUPER cute coffee mugs! i drink 1 cup of coffee a day, in the mornings, while the kiddos eat breakfast. naturally, i think i need all of these! :)

5. november is fun for our family on account of 2 things... harvest is over, and basketball season starts. :) mine and ben's second date was going to a MSU basketball game. i wasn't quite sure about it back then, but we have been countless times since, even not missing a game for a whole season. we remember the days of standing in line for hours for tickets, standing in line for even more hours to wait to get in and get a seat (student section), record breaking crowds, etc. we have so many memories at the humphrey coliseum, and look forward to many more!

6. i'm not a huge fan of white barn candles, but again, my friend chelsea taught me about this particular scent that is awesome! it's the leaves candle, and it's sold different places, but most commonly at bath & body works. it is one of the most perfect scents for fall!! makes my whole living room smell so good!

(i am in no way associated with these companies, and am not being compensated for endorsing these products.)

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