Monday, November 11, 2013

meeting ryan!!

several months ago, i ran across a story on facebook that broke me.  a baby boy in our state, 5 months old, was diagnosed with leukemia and undergoing chemo.  stories like this never really "got to me" before i had my own kids.  first was layla grace.  i told myself i was NOT going to get wrapped up in another story like that.  i cried for weeks over layla, even though i had never laid eyes on her other than a computer screen.  i had no connection with her, but yet i prayed and prayed and prayed for a miracle for her.
so i ran across this story about ryan.  a childhood friend of mine had a connection with his grandma, and she was posting his story asking for prayer.  somehow i immediately got wrapped up in it.  i read through his story.  i did a little research on his diagnosis.  i looked through photos and videos... i was hooked.  i prayed and prayed for him all of the time.  i checked for updates every day.  i cried when he had a bad day.  ben gave blood in his honor.  we wanted to do something for him and his family, but i had no idea what to do other than to just mail them something.  we were complete strangers.

austin's birthday came along, and because we did a donation for bennett's birthday, we wanted to do something for hers, and i thought about ryan.  i had initally thought about collecting items for him... toys, money, etc.  i contacted his mom thought facebook, and asked if there was anything that we could do to help, and she came up with a great idea.  she had been wanting to minister to others in the children's hospital by giving away copies of "jesus calling," so she asked if we could collect some copies of that devotional.  we ended up collecting 10 copies for them, and got to deliver them this weekend!  we also took ryan a few little happies from our family... superman pajamas, msu hoodie, and a tractor.  :)
he seemed to really like the tractor.  :)  he was the sweetest, happiest baby!  it was such a joy to meet him and spend a little time with them!  he has had a great report, and is in remission!!!!  his mom, lauren, is so so sweet!  ryan reminded me so much of bennett in that he is a normal little boy that wanted to just get down and play, or stay busy.  :)  please continue to pray for ryan and his family!  you can keep up with them at  we hope to get together another day so bennett and austin can meet him.  they were such a blessing to us!
one of the sweetest things ever. we met baby ryan today!! so blessed by him! and he loved his tractor!
"you will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you." isaiah 26:3

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