Tuesday, November 5, 2013

family day and pics

we had a fun day on saturday!  gammy and pepaw spent the night with us friday night, so we got up and all went to waffle house for breakfast.  it was a little chaotic, but it was good and fun!  austin calls it "the waffle place," and she had been begging to go.  after that, we all rode down to the farm for a little while.
from there we went to lunch, and to shop for mattresses!  ben and i are about to buy new mattresses for our bed, so if you have a good brand suggestion, please leave it in the comments!  bennett thought it was rest time.  :)
we had a few minutes to rest when we got back home, and then had to get ready for family photos. we had a good family photo made at the beach this summer, so i wasn't too concerned about getting family photos done this fall. honestly, i'm tired, and photos majorly stress me out. several families from our small group decided to go in together and book a photographer for an afternoon. i think it turned out to be good, so i'm excited about them! the kids had fun running around campus a little bit.
austin and jet got to play together for a few minutes. these 2 kill me.
i love their little friendship. :)
Untitledfamily pics this afternoon!! austin and jet had fun!

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