Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on friday!!

happy friday y'all!! gobble gobble!!

i can't believe thanksgiving is next week! where did this year go? that quote, "the days are long, but the years are short..." well it's the real deal. complete truth. i'm tired. carry on. :)

1. first things first, i am so excited about seeing this movie saturday night!!! ben and i jumped on the hunger game train about 3 weeks ago. never read the books (i'm not a reader), but finally sat down and watched the movie, and we are hooked!!! it is SO sad, but it is great!  date night!  whoop!

2. i have been in some kind of haze this fall, and honestly, i haven't watched the 1st football game. we love the dawgs around here, but we haven't been on campus to tailgate or to a game, and i haven't even watched on tv.  the last game, i went to walmart while the crowd was on campus.  i don't know what is wrong with me. seriously. i have always been an eli manning fan, college and pro (the college years started before i met ben, in my defense!). i usually watch the games on sunday, watch interviews, listen to predictions, etc. this year... nada. i feel like if i can survive my current state of toddlers and whining, football can come later.

3.i have TONS of paint projects coming up soon!  all these brown things need color!!  coffee table, kiddo table and chairs, my desk and "mama space," side table, dresser, and end table!  posts to come on all of that!!

4. one of my favorite thanksgiving side dishes is sweet potato casserole! here's my recipe!! i am so excited to eat it! actually, i'm excited about eating everything!!!!! is that good or bad?  i'll be daydreaming about it all for the next 5 days.

5. this is my second up of coffee this morning. and it's black. does that tell you anything?? life with austin has been MORE than difficult this week. more about that later. but for now, THANK YOU GOD that it's friday. seriously.


Lauren said...

Thanks for stopping by! And Hubby & I are also super excited about Catching Fire! I've read the books and got Hubby hooked with the first movie...we're hoping for a date night very soon to go catch the new one!

And I can't wait to see all your painting projects, I'm such a scaredy-cat when it comes to doing those things!

Amy said...

I am super excited about catching fire, too! But if you ever have a time (ha! maybe it 18 years?) you should read the books-- they're great!