Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on friday

i've never linked up with [the good life blog] before, but i like to read random link ups every week, so this week i decided to join in. :)  here are my 5 on friday!

1. the most major thing that has happened to me this week is that i got my hair chopped off!  i am loving' it!! (excuse the no-makeup selfie.)

2. i introduced austin to hot chocolate today. she has never wanted to try any kind of hot drink until today. i told her it was kinda like chocolate milk. :) she loved it.
afternoon hot chocolate with my girl. guess which one is hers. ☕️
she chose marshmallows (one of her favorite things), and i (of course) chose whipped cream.

3. austin's children's bible stopped me in my tracks several nights ago. i guess it was just what i needed to read that night. he is faithful!  even when it comes in the form of children's books!  :)

4. ben and i have been casually puppy shopping.  i die of cuteness overload…

5. i have started christmas shopping and list making!! the tree is going up tomorrow! whoop!!!!


Ferrell Boys Mom said...

I've been linking up to the good life blog too! Love your haircut!

Alyson said...

LOVE your haircut! I have been contemplating getting my hair cut and this style is adorable. I may have to steal it:)

Visiting from 5 on Friday link-up!


Unknown said...

The Jesus storybook bible stopped me in my tracks on multiple occasions. Such a good one!

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

of COURSE i had to start following between the pups and the jesus storybook bible!!!!!! :) the hubs keeps asking me if i want another pup for christmas buuuut i'm insisting that we're perfect with one (until the human kind comes along...!) ;) xx

Anonymous said...

Visiting from the 5 on Friday linkup! Hope you enjoyed linking up! I'm glad you could introduce your daughter to hot chocolate!! :) ~Ashley