Wednesday, October 30, 2013

sunday funday

we had a really fun day on sunday! i work the "front desk" (also known as guest services desk) during the 1st service, so i am free to walk around some while everyone is in church. one of my favorite things is to go in the children's theatre during their praise and worship time. i love watching austin sing and dance around! also, the times that i have gone in there, she seems to obey so well, and do exactly what she's supposed to as far as sitting down, answering questions, etc. some of the kids are running around, jumping on the stage, and acting crazy. it reminds me what a big girl she is getting to be, which is a little sad sometimes. :(
after church, we went to lunch with friends, and from there went home for a nap! it was awesome. a few of us in small group decided that we needed a break, and it was MUCH needed on my end. bennett only slept a few minutes (if at all), and ben got up with him and let me nap longer. he has an extra jewel in his crown for that.  after dinner, we decided to carve our pumpkins!
working on this tonight!!
bennett got mickey mouse. he didn't really have a choice in the matter, but he loved it!
austin chose ariel. she says that it doesn't really look like ariel, but she likes it anyway. ha!
ben did a john deere symbol.
and i chose mary poppins! :)
we had a 5th one to do our monogram on, but we were too tired after doing 4.  :)

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