Thursday, October 17, 2013

second birthday party of the weekend

the birthday party on sunday afternoon was a princess tea party.  :)  they were asked to wear a pretty dress, and bring a doll or stuffed animal.  so yea... caroline went too. the party was for lilli kathryn, one of our neighborhood friends!
i asked ben to take her, because i had missed small group last week, and really didn't want to miss again. also, i still wasn't over the sinus crud. AND honestly, i wanted a break from chasing kids. :)
lilli kathryn's mom, jessica, is so good at parties!! she doesn't claim it, but she is! they always have the cutest parties!!
 they made these little hats, which were adorable!  we told austin it looked like mary poppins!  :)
many many thanks to jessica for sending me these sweet pics of my girl!!!!
i know austin had the best time! i got there at the very end, and i know she didn't want to leave!
happy 5th birthday, lilli kathryn!!

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