Thursday, October 24, 2013

school pics and toddler stages

the kids' school pics came back this week! can you tell that austin is a little mama to bennett?? :) while they were taking this photo, she told the photographer that bennett hasn't learned to smile yet. ha!
school pics!! bennett's face...
school is still going go far so good! austin cried for the first time on tuesday at drop off. totally random, and she had quit by the time i took bennett to his room, and went back to check on her. the big thing that i have noticed her learning lately are songs! i love it that she is learning all of these songs that i don't think even think to sing for her. the new song this week is "father's house" by audio adrenaline. she thought it was so cool that i knew the lyrics. ha!  she is such a big girl!  and so sweet, most of the time!  :)
bennett has been doing great with school too! he has never cried at drop off! he doesn't even look at my and whine. he goes straight to his place at the table, and sits down for breakfast. when food is involved, not much else matters. :) he is still not saying a lot of words, but i do feel like he understands me a lot better when i talk to him.
bennett has always been opposite of austin in most every way, and especially now that the toddler phase has started! he is apparently a perfect angel at church, so most of my friends don't believe me when i vent about our problems at home, but i promise y'all, he can act so bad for me. he has a temper like his daddy, and he will hit at me, fight against me to get down, scream, etc. austin never threw tantrums in public. i am just praying that bennett isn't the kid in the check out line screaming and kicking on the floor because he can't have m&m's!! i'm humiliated just thinking about it.

so a couple of weeks ago, a new journey began... biting.

i know i probably shouldn't even compare, but austin never bit!  i was always SO thankful that she never went through that.  and now here we are.  he bit austin on the chest last week (not sure why she didn't see that coming?) and drew blood.  she still has a scab.  he also stared biting himself last week at school.  he had several bite marks that stayed around for a few days on his hands and arms!  one was on his shoulder, so i really think another kid did it.  when i showed it to ben, he said that he really thinks bennett is learning to bite from another kid.  today when i picked him up, they said he had bitten another child.  his teacher promised that it wasn't out of mean-ness.  i still hate it though!  when i was talking to him about biting in the car, he kept putting his fingers in my mouth, so i bit down on them, and he died out laughing.  what the heck?  what am i gonna do with him???  so if your child went through biting, can you please give me some advice?  apparently spanking and time out aren't working. will he just stop?  it's hard because i don't feel like he's old enough to reason with?

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