Monday, October 21, 2013

saturday fun

we had a fun day on saturday!  we hung around the house for a little while, and then got dressed and went toward the farm for lunch with daddy.
we ended up having a large table of people, including lala, and had so much fun! we got to hang out with lala for a little bit, which was fun because we hadn't seen her since the wedding!
we just bought a new trailer for the farm (because the tornado took the house), so we will have a place to hang out and spend the night. it was delivered last week, and i hadn't been inside since we bought it.  i tried to make mental notes of things that i needed to start buying, and i got overwhelmed really quick, so we just hung out for a minute and left. :)  it will be a fun place for us to hang as a family!
new trailer at the farm. looking forward to some fun memories here!
ben had a tractor parked close by, and bennett had a fit to get to it...
don't you just love little leopard flats climbing up dirty tractor steps?? :) that afternoon, daddy quit work early, and came home to mow the grass. then we went out as a family for japanese and of course a little grocery shopping. :) can't leave home without running by walmart.

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