Tuesday, October 29, 2013


we had a fun day on friday, but somehow it ended up a little chaotic and stressful.  :)  maybe because this is the only little nap of the day that bennett got.  :-/  that's never good.
thankfully, gammy was with us, so i had an extra set of hands. we wanted to stay home. both kids were SO fussy and tired, but austin really wanted to dress up and go, and i needed to take something to a friend. we decided to brave it and go. we ended up having a great time, but like most things with kids, it was a little difficult. :)
bennett thinks his costume is the greatest thing ever!! he even wore the head part all night! we met up with friends before heading downtown. here was our crew! too much cuteness for one pic!
austin had fun getting candy. i don't think bennett really cared about the candy, but i could tell that he really had a fun time! we always have to take a bully pic, and randomly got a cheerleader pic too!
after trick-or-treating, we all went to eat, which turned into a disaster, but we all had fun being together! :) love our friends!!

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