Tuesday, October 22, 2013

october favorite things

1. i have been using tyler candles for years now.  they are some of my favorites, because their scents are so different, and i loooove them.  i have to be really careful, because they burn hot.  only leave them burning for about an hour, but the scent is strong, and smells up the whole room.  i have been burning mulled cider for fall, but some of my other favorite scents that i keep around are kathina (my favorite for our bedroom), pineapple crush, and mango tango.  for christmas, i have frosted pomegranate and i really like christmas tradition.

2. leggings!!  this really should need no explanation, but i am obsessed with leggings.  they're cute and comfortable, and i can dress them up, or just wear a tshirt with them.  these pictured are the icing ruffled leggings by matilda jane, and are currently in austin's drawer.  i have a couple of pairs of matilda jane leggings, and they are amazing.  if you don't want to spend that much money though, there are some super cute ones in more budget friendly places like target or walmart.  or you can check out these.

3. last month i added the pumpkin spice creamer in coffeemate brand.  my store didn't have the international delight version yet (intl delight is always my favorite), but i found this, and it is way better!!!  it's not quite as spicy, and is a little sweeter, which i like.  if it gets too much spice, sometimes it can seem a bit bitter.

4. pur minerals 4 in 1 pressed mineral foundation is what i've been using for a couple of years now.  the newest ones also have skin clearing ingredients, which is amazing.  it has done SO well for my face.  usually after a year or 2, i am ready to make a switch.  i did consider it, but i can't bring myself to get anything else.  i wear the color "light," but there are several other colors to choose from.  if you like a foundation that is SUPER quick and easy, this is the way to go.  ain't nobody got time to be dotting on, rubbing in, blending, etc.  :)

5. i was looking for a different chapstick in walmart the other night, but i couldn't find it.  this new kind, blistex lip vibrance, caught my attention, so i decided to give it a try.  i LOVE it!  it feels like chapstick, but it has a little bit of color, and hint of shimmer.  also, it has a fruity taste that doesn't make me nauseated.

6. i am slightly obsessed with these simple truth peanut butter chocolate chip energy bars.  they are SO good!!  there is also an all chocolate version, but to me the peanut butter is way better.  i keep one in my purse sometimes in case i get somewhere and need a snack if it's around lunch time.  (i do NOT eat one of these on the same day that i drink spark!)  :)  they are available at kroger grocery stores in the organic section.

7. ben and i have always used an app for our grocery list.  even back when we first got married and had blackberry phones, we used an app that synced together automatically.  i recently found this app, so we did out with the old, and in with the new.  i put it on his phone, and got all of the lists shared, but that's what i like about it... you can create ANY kind of list.  not just grocery lists.  we have to do lists, wishlists, grocery lists, pharmacy lists, etc.  also, it's an updated design, and is very user-friendly.  i like it MUCH better than our old app.

8. like everyone else in america, i think i have gotten on the R&F train.  i was so hesitant to get it at first.  i have been using the redefine set for several weeks now, and i really really like it!  my face has done so good using it!!  i can't really tell a major difference in the "reversing age damage" department, because i haven't really started to get wrinkles or anything, but it makes my face super smooth, has made my pores smaller, and has really improved clarity.  i think i'm a fan!

(i am in no way associated with these companies, and am not being compensated for endorsing these products.)

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