Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

we are not halloween fans at all, but we do let the kids dress up and get candy.  nothing scary though.  we don't buy anything halloween related really, unless we get boo'ed and have to pass a few things along.  i hate all of the scary evil stuff, but i love my kids, and i love dressing them up as something cute and innocent.  :)  and more chocolate for mama.  :)
they had school parties today!  bennett's was first, and i don't think he cared at all.  :)  he was happy for the food, but i think he thought that everyone was crazy for wearing costumes.  a few of his classmates were dressed up as superman, mickey, puppy dogs, etc.  and his teachers were dressed super cute as ladybugs.  i didn't think to take their photo!  :(
i waited around a few minutes for austin's party. her class calls parties a "special snack," which i think is cute. and for the first time, austin didn't whine when i left. :)
now we are back home in our jammies while it rains. a few houses in our neighborhood are letting the kids come by tomorrow night for candy, so i think we are home for the rest of the day! it is supposed to rain a lot here today and tonight, and we are already under tornado watches and flood warnings.  boo!  :(  we will make the most of it tomorrow night!  :)

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