Wednesday, October 23, 2013

hair and randomness

i have absolutely nothing to write about today, other than the fact that i have kinda been a lazy slob all day.  :-/  it's ok some days, right?

i have been thinking about changing my hair up lately.  i have thought about several cuts, but i keep coming back to this...
kelly ripa can be slightly annoying sometimes, but for the most part, i love her style. i haven't had a short bob in a long time. i think since i was pregnant with austin, which is coming up on 5 years ago.  i haven't been coloring my hair since right after i had austin.  i think at first it was because i didn't care, have time, or money to keep doing it.  but i am so ready for a change.  should i go with highlights, or back to dark?  i'm thinking for winter, maybe dark.  similar to this...
i love that old picture of us.  (we had only been dating a couple of years.)  i also loved my hair back then.  speaking of us... harvest 2013 is done.  can you hear it???  THE ANGELS ARE SINGING!!!!!  i am so over this farm year.  i know i say that every year about this time, but single parenting gets really old really quick.  ready to have my man back home, and rested up enough to carry out a complete conversation instead of falling asleep.

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