Monday, October 28, 2013

baby and bargains

first of all... i'm obsessed with this baby!!!!!
every photo that is released, i have to save it.  :)  i guess i'm obsessed with all 3 of them.  they are picture perfect.

complete change of subject...

i have never been one to bargain shop.  i have always mostly bought name brand everything (toilet paper, paper towels, food, etc. etc. etc.) and never compared prices much.  all of that was fine and dandy until ben put me on a budget.  i am still learning how to cut corners, use coupons, and bargain shop.  it does NOT come naturally to me.  i have to really work at it.  i am thankful that we have a kroger, because i buy almost all kroger brand food, and i have started not caring so much about name brand stuff.  (some of that has taken prayer, but that's a whole other post.)  there are a few things that i am still picky about... cleaning supplies, diapers, baby shampoo, etc.  but in general, i think i am doing better.  ben may have a different opinion, but i know he knows that i AM trying!  i have found some super cute clothing items at walmart, for myself and the kids, and bennett has mostly worn hand-me-down pants and shorts all summer long.  since i don't have to buy bottoms, i can spend more money on tops and shoes.

so my latest new thing is shopping at dirt cheap.  i have always hated that store, and any store that you have to "dig" for items.  it can be overwhelming and gross sometimes, or so i thought.  i have been going to dirt cheap every week lately, and finding some GREAT stuff!  last week, i went 3 days in a row.  in my defense, i was looking for something specific, but still.  i was like WHO AM I????  here are a couple of my finds...

i happened up on this quilt that i loved.  i wasn't shopping for a quilt, and ben and i hadn't even talked about buying sheets or bedding, but there it was.  and i needed a quilt for my guest bed, so this was perfect!
i dug until i found 2 sheet sets for the guest bed, and 1 really nice set for our king bed. along with 2 euro shams to match the yellow in this quilt.  and the throw pillows, of course, but i didn't really have to dig for those.  i also happened up on a cozy blanket from target to match.
come to find out, it was all from kohls, and retailed for $149.99  i couldn't WAIT to get it home, washed, and on the bed!  here is the final product!  i love it!
i already had the white ruffled comforter set (from target), but here's a run-down...

2 complete queen sheet sets $40
1 reversible queen quilt $20
3 throw pillows $15
1 blanket $12
(i'm not sure how much the euro shams were, and i don't have the pillows for them yet.)

so there ya go!  new guest room!  the lighter color beige flower on the bottom left matches the paint color on the walls great.  it all blends, and the yellow is a nice pop of color.  i think i did good.

i went back the next day to hopefully find the standard quilted shams to match the quilt (that are shown in the screenshot on the khols website), but no luck.  i did find a few random things like christmas paper straws, post it notes cube (i needed one), a new phone cover (for $9), and a few christmas happies for something i'm going to put together for friends.  while digging for more of the happies, i saw a pink leappad.  it wouldn't turn on, but i put it in my buggy to think about.  it had the included stylus, and carrying case.  it was the princess version of the leap pad 2, and it was clean and looked new!  i took it to the counter to ask about the price and to get them to put batteries in.  we changed out the batteries a couple of times and it wouldn't turn on.  (i'm pretty sure their batteries were shot.)  so the nice lady opened up another power pack box that had the adapter, and we plugged it in.  it worked!  she wasn't sure of the price, but i told her i would just go check out, and if it was too much i would tell them to put it back.  so i get to the check out... $4!!!!!!!!!!!!  y'all... it works perfectly.  i bought the power cord from walmart, but austin won't keep it plugged in.  i guess she will when the batteries run out of juice.  ha!  she was with me, so i went ahead and gave it to her.  i told her i wouldn't buy any games or apps for it though, she would have to ask santa for those.  but seriously, can you believe i paid $4 for this... retails for $129.99.
the only thing we are missing since we didn't buy new are the 2 sheets of princess stickers! ha!  who cares about stickers!?  so crazy.  austin won't put it down (which sometimes presents a problem with little brother) even though all she can really do is practice writing letters, and take photos and videos.

most stuff in our store right now is from target, so i have gotten 2 pairs of boots, a pair of ballet flats for austin, skinny jeans, a banana republic top, these big items, and a few other little random things.  houston, i think i have a problem.

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Lane said...

This post cracked me up!!! I LOVE the bedding and I can't BELIEVE you got that for Austin for $4! I use to love Dirt Cheap but haven't been in forever. We've gotten lots of good stuff there..jogging stroller, E's kitchen, Britax carseat, sand and water table. You made me want to go again!