Thursday, September 26, 2013

september favorite things

i used to do this every month a while back, and i quit for some reason.  gonna try to start it back up!

september is almost over, but here are some of my favorite things right now!


1. barefoot world atlas is an app that i bought for austin, and it is worth every penny!  it is so interesting, and i like looking at it with her too!  also, each little description can be read aloud to them if they can't read yet.  for every digital-type photo, there is also a real-life photo to look at, which is neat.  for example, yesterday she was playing it on the iPad, and was learning about sea otters.  it comes in app form for iPad, iPhone, and it's also a book in print!

2. artistry light up lip gloss is my new favorite lip gloss.  i have the color glitz.  it makes your lips tingle, and the applicator has an led light, so it makes application easy!  there's also a small mirror on the side of the tube.  it's not too thick or too thin, and it doesn't taste bad!

3. spark energy drink is a part of my daily routine now.  most days about 2-3pm i need a boost.  especially if we are on the go.  this gives me energy, taste fabulous, and is convenient.  just add the powder to 8 oz of water.

4. bkr water bottle is what i use to mix my spark in!  i usually keep in in the fridge with 8 oz of water ready to go.  when we're leaving, i grab it and the spark.  i love the fact that it's glass, so i'm not worried about chemicals leaking, and it's conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher.  i even put the cap in the dishwasher in the flat wear space.

5. iOS 7 has made me so happy!  i feel like i have a new phone, and i love it.  the changes are just like every other apple product... simple to figure out.  it looks clean and fresh, and i think it was a great change!

6. honest travel size baby wipes have really changed my life.  i use them for everything!  first of all, they are plant-based, no alcohol or chlorine, hypoallergenic, etc. bottom line... they are SAFE.  i started getting them for bennett when he was born, but quickly learned that they are great for all kinds of things.  i sometimes take my makeup off with them, clean hands and faces at home or away, clean my tables, clean countertops, etc. they are thick and durable.  i have even cleaned with one, rinsed it out in the sink, and then cleaned some more.  i love the travel size pouches for my purse, but we keep stock of the large packages at home.  if you are interested in honest products and have questions, please contact me!  i am probably one of their biggest fans!  or you can click HERE.

7. pumpkin spice coffeemate isn't my #1 choice for coffee, but it works.  if you can't afford $5/day for a pumpkin spice latte, try this!  guaranteed to put you in the fall spirit.  :)

8. michael kors mk254 plum gradient eyeglasses are my new glasses this year, and i am slightly in love with them.  i would probably wear them every single day if my ears didn't start to hurt after a while.  they're purple, which i love.  this style also comes in different colors, and the MK case that they come in is big, unlike my last case, i had to squeeze my glasses in and i worried about the legs being bent.  i've had them about a week, and so far, i love.

(i am in no way associated with these companies, and am not being compensated for endorsing these products.)

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