Tuesday, September 24, 2013

random updates

one of my favorite things to do is to sit at my computer and blog.  i love editing photos of my kids, uploading them, keeping track of different stages, phases, and milestones.  but y'all... i feel like life is burying me sometimes!  i know i can't be the only one that feels that way.  i never take photos anymore, except for my iphone, which are then posted on instagram (and usually twitter and facebook) making it easy but at the same time, blogging looses some of it's purpose.
family pic at the doughnut shop. :)  #austins4thbirthday
our family has been doing really good!  ben has been harvesting.  he's done with corn, and is working on soybeans, but it's raining at this very moment.  (which he's not happy about.)  the farm has done ok this year.  nothing to write home about, but the bills will get paid!  we have been trying to go visit daddy on the farm at least once a week.  we take a tractor or a combine ride when we go.  bennett thinks it's the greatest thing ever.
first matching outfits. ariel costumes.  #americangirl #austins4thbirthday #bffs
austin has turned into a whiny little monster since her birthday.  :)  she never wants to go to bed on time anymore, turning bed time into a fight most nights.  at the same time, she is so loving and SMART.  the girl amazes me.  she got into trouble sunday after church, because apparently she showed her panties over and over, and also kept calling everything poo poo.  ben was humiliated.  i laughed (not in front of her!).  :)  she's 4...  i'm not worried about it!  i did have a talk to her about the panty issue though.  and last night, we had to have a talk about not touching other people's "parts."  WHY is parenting so hard sometimes?!  agh!!  i mean, i was not prepared for that talk.  i think she understood though.  it all resulted from her and bennett taking a bath together, which apparently has to stop, making bath time twice as hard on mama.  when did your kids stop taking baths together?
#defeat #theyfightlikecatsanddogs
bennett is GROWING!  i swear he gains a pound a day, and this runs through my mind every time he takes a ride on my hip, which is all. of. the. time.  but if i let him walk, we will never get to our destination before christmas.  y'all know what i'm saying.  he's so cute.  such a big boy.  trying to be so independent.  he likes to push austin around.  literally.  he will walk up to her for no reason and push her back.  i get onto him, but i tell austin that we should be thankful he's not biting!  :)  he had hand foot and mouth last week, so he had to stay home from school.

my daily life consist of laundry, ballet, church, preschool, tractors, dolls, dress up, diapers, and more laundry.  it never ends.  i never feel caught up.  i always feel chaotic.  i keep telling myself that i will miss these days one day!  and also, spark is the greatest invention ever.

so there ya go.

i'll leave you with a sweet one... :)
a little pallet time + mickey mouse special on tv = good times.
i'm gonna try to get back on track with my blog!  promise!

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julianna said...

I went back through your blog and read all of the things I had missed {I wondered why they weren't showing in my feed and realized you had dated them accordingly}, but I am SO glad you're blogging!! I seriously love reading your updates. It's hard for me to find time to blog WITHOUT kids, so I can only imagine! I try to tell myself, "I need to blog because I don't want to forget about this", but .. ya know .. life doesn't care how busy you are! :) Still cracking up over Bennett having Austin pinned down in the laundry basket!

See ya Saturday!