Wednesday, September 18, 2013

princess austin's party (lots of pics!)

we went back and forth for weeks over a party theme. it was pretty set on being a princess character, but which one? finally we decided on all of them. :)
i still feel like she's my "baby girl," so i didn't want to do the actual disney princesses.  i wanted to baby it up a little bit.  ha!  i decided to do everything pink and lavander, which i loved.
i really ended up not spending as much as years past, and also i didn't buy or make tons of decorations. i made this crown with cardboard and tissue paper, and also made the pom poms for outside. the party favors were crowns, wands, candy bars, cookies, and bracelets.
it was super relaxed. i just invited her little friends, and told them to wear swim suits. they played in the little pool, water hose, and sprinklers, and had a blast.
i had the invitation, banner, candy bar wrappers, etc. made from a lady on etsy, and she made my life SO much easier. also, instead of bringing gifts, we asked austin's friends to help out baby ryan's family. we are so excited to meet him in a few weeks and give these to them.
austin4-1-2Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 8.33.19 PM
friends playing!
birthday time! austin was SO excited at this point. she LOVES singing happy birthday!!
we had cupcakes, cookies, pink lemonade, and ice cream. i made the cupcakes, so they were nothing fancy by any stretch, but they tasted good!! :)
austin got to run inside and open a couple of gifts from grandparents. she was quite excited. :)
family pic with grandma and grandpa. i have no clue what that white thing is on bennett. :)  you can also see austin's birthday dress of the year.
and then one with gammy before she left...
we had such a fun day!! that night we even went to friends' house for dinner.
we love you so much, austi bug!! happy birthday, princess!!!!

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