Tuesday, September 17, 2013

four years


  • you weigh 32 lbs.
  • you are 40 inches tall.
  • you wear size 4T clothes for the most part.  some dresses you have to wear a 5T for length.
  • you are in a size 9 shoe.
  • you are a very picky eater! it is so hard to get you to eat good food!
  • your activity is still ballet.  you seem to really like it this year!  you are also doing tap.


  • you love school!! you used to beg to stay home, but now you are excited to get dressed and out the door.
  • you usually go to bed at 8pm. you whine and cry for a while, so you probably go around 9pm.
  • you don't take naps anymore. every once in a while you will, but then you go to bed really late and get off schedule.
  • you still carry your ankie around with you, and sleep with it.
  • you love bennett, but y'all fight so much!  usually when you're both tired and ill.
  • your favorite animal is a giraffe.


  • you love to help.  me in the kitchen, bennett do something, etc.  you are very observant, and will step up and help without even being asked sometimes.
  • you are super super smart!  you amaze mama.  you can recall things that i would never think you would remember.
  • you are very much a girly girl, but you love to go outside and play in the dirt.  :)
  • you always want your toenails polished.
  • you are starting to learn lyrics to songs, both from church and disney movies.  i love it, and love singing along with you in the car.


  • your favorite princess is ariel.
  • your favorite thing to do is probably draw.  lately you love to draw with chalk outside.
  • you are learning to write your name, and you are doing SO good!!  i'm SO proud of you!
  • you are such a good little mama to your baby dolls.  you talk about being big and being a real mommy sometimes.
  • you say when you grow up you want to be a princess.  you better pray that you miraculously bump into prince george.  :)
  • you pretty much get dressed by yourself.  if i lay an outfit out for you, you can go in your room and get dressed on your own.  you even brush your own teeth most of the time, but i like to go over them to make sure.


  • you only ever want to wear dresses.  you get so mad when i make you wear shorts and shirts.  you want dresses and pants or leggings every single day.
  • you love things bright and colorful.  it's obvious in the way you choose outfits.  :)
  • your favorite meal is apparently macaroni and cheese.  i offered to cook you anything you wanted for your birthday, and that's what you chose.  not even homemade.  you want the microwave bowl kind.
  • you love yogurt, cheese, raisins, dry cereal, fruit bars, fruit, crackers, wheat thins, nilla wafers, etc.  but the snack that you beg for all. day. long. is chocolate chips and marshmallows.
  • you love to play the computer or ipad.  you're really good at some of the games, but i have to limit your screen time!


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