Friday, September 20, 2013

austin's 4th birthday!

austin had a wonderful day on her actual birthday, which was on a tuesday this year. we woke her up with her gift in bed, and i think this was the first year that daddy was able to be there with us!
she loooooved her book! i have been wanting to get her that for a long time, so i thought it was good timing. :) after that, we all went to the doughnut shop for breakfast! it was fun to have daddy with us. usually he leaves early, gets doughnuts, drops them off at home, and leaves for work.
we love birthday traditions!!
after that, i took the kids to school, and wasted a little time until it was time for austin's little class party. there are so many new rules for classrooms this year, that i just took everyone a chocolate chip cookie as a treat. of course they didn't complain. :)
this is austin's little best bud at school this year... anderson. :)
we love love love austin's teacher this year, mrs. ford!
i left the school, and didn't get far before bennett's teacher called me to pick him up. they figured out that he had hand foot mouth, which had been going around the school for a while. i went back and picked both kids up, and told austin she could open her birthday presents. she only had 2 left.
she got the american girl doll, caroline abbott. :) i let her look at the american girl website weeks back, and she picked out caroline and said she would ask santa clause for her. :) when i went to atlanta with my girlfriends, we stopped by and picked her up. that store was amazing! it definitely makes you feel like a kid again!
caroline has hardly left her side. thanks to gammy, they have matching ariel outfits. :)
first matching outfits. ariel costumes.  #americangirl #austins4thbirthday #bffs
we had 1 cupcake left from the party, so i let her blow out another candle. :)
the last cupcake. we had another birthday song and blew out a candle.  #austins4thbirthday
for dinner that night, i told her i would cook anything she wanted, and she chose kraft mac n cheese. ha! after bath time we snuggled on the couch before bed. :)
last pic of the day. love you, austin.  #austins4thbirthday
happy birthday, austin rivers. i love you like crazy!!!!

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