Monday, August 12, 2013

first day of school 2013!

the day after we got back from the beach was the first day of school! austin was so excited about school, and we had already been to our classroom visits.
i don't think bennett had a clue what was going on. :) he was just interested in his new tractor book. :)
even though bennett isn't quite 18 months, i was excited for him to start school.  he was starting to get bored at home, and i knew he would blossom once around other kids!

my sweet girl...
what a difference a year makes!
1st day of school1
bennett has the sweetest teachers!  they have made this transition much easier!  he was much more interested in his snack than taking a photo.  austin was as happy as can be.  :)
1st day of school 2013!!  what is mama doing on her 1st day off? going to the eye doctor.  #backtoschool
he had a really great day, and we were happy to reunite! :)
good first day!!!

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