Thursday, August 8, 2013

beach family trip 2013!

our family vacation this summer was to the beach! we ventured out a little further and went to sandestin. we LOVED it!! we were so excited to introduce bennett to the sand, and austin was so excited about building sand castles. :)  our family vacations are usually pretty short trips because of the farm, and also because  4 days away with the kids off schedule and in a strange place is usually enough for us.  :)  so friday evening, bennett met the beach.  :)
i'm pretty sure he wasn't too fond of it. :) i made a big mistake and scheduled our family photos for our first evening there.  everyone was sick of the car, in bad moods, tired, and hungry.  plus bennett hated the sand.  :)  after photos we went to the crab trap, which was so good, but honestly, we were just trying to hurry and get back to the condo.
❤ #love #family
one thing everyone could agree on was the pool. that's where we spent the majority of our time on saturday!
they were happy happy happy! (except bennett never wanted his photo taken!) and as you can see, ariel was along for the ride the whole time!! :)
that night we ate at bayou bills crab house, and it was really good!!
yummy supper!
we had 1 beach day (sunday), and we probably spent a grand total of about an hour and a half at the beach. here was austi bug and i waiting to go...
beach ready!!
bennett was exhausted and fussy. they tried to eat snacks, but were eating sand. bennett would rub his eyes and get sand in them. it was just hard! it wasn't worth it to us, so we went back to our condo and spent more time at the pool. i tried to get a few photos of them on the beach, and even that wasn't working out. :(
worn out and only been here  a little over an hour.IMG_3348-2IMG_3349-2IMG_3360-2IMG_3365-2
austi bug is such a sweet sister...
that night we ate at roberto's pizza at the wharf.  it was SO good.  after that we walked around the wharf for a long time.  we even got caught in the rain while we were in an ice cream shop, so we waited it out and drank coffee.  that night was most definitely my favorite part of vacation.
favorite part of vacation. with my loves.
so thankful for my little family and our sweet times together!

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