Friday, April 5, 2013

easter 2013!

we had a busy day on easter sunday this year, but we had such a fun day!! we got up early for church, and ended up getting home much earlier than we thought we would. it worked out really good because the easter bunny knew we had to go to church, so he came while we were at church. :)
austin's school has a book fair every year, and this book was on one of the shelves. she asked me for it every day for like 2 weeks.  she calls it, "princess make a crown book."
bennett doesn't look too thrilled with his goodies. ha!  bless his heart, he was SO tired.
my sweet babies...
i have wanted to get austin a smocked cross dress for years, but never found the right one that i wanted for the right price. i was so happy when i found these, and they will wear them again for bennett's dedication at church in a few weeks.
after we finished cooking our dishes of food, we headed off to friends' house for lunch and to hunt eggs! austin was so excited about hunting eggs with her friends. we ate, and the kids played. austin was playing outside, and when i went to check on her, this is what i found. :)
benny boop had fun in the playroom...
we tried to get another family shot, but i didn't realize i had austin's dress pulled up. ha! also, what was i thinking trying to straighten my hair on a rainy day?
the kids were ready to hunt, and of course austin was behind someone so that i couldn't see her.
i love this photo... it was so wet and muddy that we took her boots, and i tied up her dress. :)
mrs. sue helped bennett hunt too. :)
love this girl...

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