Monday, April 15, 2013

a day to remember - 04/11/13

i have been m.i.a. from a lot of things these days.  things that i haven't planned, things that i've forgotten about, etc. mostly because my mind has been somewhere else lately.

"the woods farm" has always been a special place to us, but much more so for ben.  he was born and raised in that brick house, on that farm.  it was his back yard.  he's very proud of the fact that his back yard was a 1000+ acre farm.  (drastic difference from the very small patch of grass outside our condo in guatemala!) :)  it's sentimental.  at one time, we wanted the house torn down because it needed SO many repairs, but the owner (part of the family) decided to remodel the house so that we could use it as a camp house.  we were excited about it.  i didn't register the kids for summer care at school, and we planned to stay down there the majority of the week.

so thursday about 12:30, i was feeding the kids lunch, and one of my good friends, chelsea, text me and asked if ben was at home.  she never asks me anything like that during the day, so my immediate thought was that there had been a bad wreck or murder in the small town where the farm is.  i said, "no, what happened??"  she went on to text that there was bad weather headed straight for him, and he needed to be safe.  i checked the weather on my phone, and there was a tornado warning for that area.  i turned on the news, and there it was.  right on our road.  right at our shop.  i started freaking out, and trying to call him.  he was closing down the shop, and headed to the woods farm, which was always our safe place during storms.  a few minutes later, i called again, and he saw the tornado headed east, so he turned around and drove west to a friend's house.  next thing i know, i'm getting calls that everything is destroyed at the woods farm.  so so so crazy, but i am SO SO SO thankful that my man is alive!

almost everything that we had there was destroyed, except for a few things that we had inside the house.  13 grain bins (1 1/2 was left standing, the other 11 are in pieces scattered for miles), 2 sheds, 2 tractors were damaged, 60+ trees, etc. etc. etc. i don't even know what else. one of the biggest things was corn seed that hadn't been planted yet because of our wet weather. it was in one of the sheds.  thankfully, most of it was saved, and the seed company is going to be awesome and replace what was damaged.  we are still working with the insurance company on most things.  the house was "totaled" according to the adjuster, but we're waiting on a 2nd opinion from an engineer.  here are some photos from that afternoon, and also a video that some neighbors took as it was going across our place. i will do some other posts with cleanup photos.

air shots taken by ben's family...

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