Monday, March 4, 2013

happy birthday, bennett!

benny boop was such a happy boy on the morning of his birthday!!  it was fun because daddy got to join in on the fun since it was on a saturday.  he was greeted in bed with a gift, in keeping with our little family tradition.  :)  he was so excited.  :)
i really think he was more interested in the bow than unwrapping the book.
he got dr. seuss happy birthday to you!  all (or most) of his party guests signed it for him later that day!
it looks like he was pulling her hair, but they were actually being sweet.  :)
showing sister my new book!!  :)
and our other family tradition... doughnuts for breakfast!  this was bennett's first doughnut (that i know of!!).
and also, his first sippy cup of milk.  no problem getting this boy to drink milk.  he loves it.
can't believe my sweet boy is ONE!

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