Saturday, March 23, 2013

hand update. again. and photos.

bennett had his clinic visit yesterday, and he got his bandages off! yay!! he could take a bath last night, and he was so happy!!
photo 1
we have a mitten to keep on it because his skin is still so sensitive and tender. the dr. said that it could get cut open really easily. the coloring of it is looking good, but we can tell after he plays a while, it gets sore and really red.
photo 2
here are the photos of his progression...
photo 2photo-1photo 4photo 5
he is doing so good!  still taking pain medicine, but mostly only at night.  he will shake his hand, and that let's me know that it's hurting.  he plays with it and everything like normal!  we have to go back to the clinic in 2 weeks if it is still bothering him, but if not we are clear!

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