Tuesday, March 12, 2013

bennett's hand story

i am just now getting around to typing this all out, but we had our first ever trip to the e.r. with a child.  made it 3 1/2 years without going, so i guess we had a good run.
photo 1
bennett touched the glass front on our fireplace on thursday evening.  it happened around 5:15pm.  when i saw what was happening, i ran to him, and he still had his hand on it, so i have no idea how many seconds it was on there.  he was screaming.  austin started screaming.  i put it under cool water, put burn ointment on it (had no idea if i was doing the right thing!), and told austin to calm down and bring me my phone.  in my mind i was thinking "she'll never find it and bring it."  but what do you know, she came straight back with it.  i called my neighbor, and ran outside to show her.  she said we should go in, and took austin and thomas (a little boy that i was keeping) to her house.  bennett was hysterical the whole way.  i called the urgent care clinic to ask if they would see him and they said no, so off to the e.r. we went.  my sweet friend, chelsea, met me up there.  i had no idea what they would do, and i did not want to be alone!  he kept shaking his arm fiercely (which he had done from the beginning), and would only slightly calm down when i would blow on it.  so che and i took turns blowing on it for a while.  we didn't have to wait long at all in the e.r., which was a major blessing.  they ended up doing nothing really.  they put it in water, and then put ointment on it and wrapped it up.  they did give him full doses of motrin and tylenol, and after that kicked in he calmed down.  the doctor made us an appointment the next morning in jackson at the burn clinic, so my mom came, and we left for jackson about 10pm.  we stayed at my cousins house, and we were at the clinic by about 9:30 the next morning.  bennett did really good through the night under the circumstances.  he woke up when he could have pain medicine, took a little bottle, and went back to sleep.  as soon as they took us back to a room, they said he needed surgery on his hand.  here we were waiting for our paperwork for the hospital...
please pray for bennett!! headed to surgery for a burned hand. need wisdom and healing!
bless his heart, he had no food since the night before, no bottle since 4am, no pain medicine since 8am, and he was so so so good.  every nurse up there was in love with him.  naturally.  :)
still waiting...
austin was very aware with what was going on, and she was such a big girl.  she got very restless with all of the waiting, and started acting up, but i guess that's normal.  here was bennett after they gave him some "happy meds."  :)  he relaxed for a while, but then he started fighting his sleep, and i promise you... he was like a bucking bull.
happy meds... photo 4
after he got that pain medicine, and 2 sweet nurses took him back to the o.r.  it was around 2:30pm.  by the time i got back to his room, and started eating a sandwich, they called and said he was great, and went to sleep without a fuss.  before i could even finish my lunch, they called and said that he was in recovery, and everything was great.  i requested a specific surgeon, and he came in and talked with me and answered questions.  he was so so so nice.  bennett being a baby, everyone was much more sensitive and understanding, i think.  it wasn't long at all, and they brought him back in.  sucking on his paci.  :)  he was fussy while that anesthesia wore off, since he had no clue what was going on.  they said he could have a bottle (and skip the technical liquid diet).  he sucked it down, and went right to sleep.
all done! been waiting all day for this bottle!!photo 3
he slept most of the way home that afternoon.  getting his pain medicine filled was a fiasco, but i did everything but threaten death, and got it filled.  mama bear came out, i guess.  he has been acting fine for the most part.  i have been staying on top of his pain medicine, and he's playing and happy like normal.  he crawls on his forearm for the most part, and does everything with his left hand.  :(
happy happy happy.
he doesn't like not being able to keep up with sister as well, but he keeps a close eye on her.  :)
spying on sister. :)
we will be going back to the clinic every friday for a few weeks to keep a close eye on it. we are not to unwrap it, and keep it dry. he is going to hate not getting in the tub! praying that he heals quickly, and there is no permanent damage! the surgeon said that it didn't look like there would be any, and he would be totally fine!  they didn't have to do a skin graph.  they put cadaver skin on it, which is a fake skin.  his skin will grow underneath it, and it will shed off.  if for some reason his hand won't heal on it's own, then a graph will be necessary, but we are praying against that!

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