Sunday, December 23, 2012

christmas with grandma & grandpa

my dad and stepmom came to have christmas with us yesterday. we went out to lunch, and had a fun day!
is that not ridiculous? i think these kids (and us!) are taken care of! at one point, austin got her ankie and laid down in the middle of all the gifts.
austin has been driving me crazy when i've tried to take her photo lately. the faces she comes up with... oh my.
bennett had the best time opening gifts! :) sweet boy!
here we all are, except for poor ben, which was a sport and took photos for me. my grandma and her boyfriend came too. we won't go there.
my stepmom and i both got each other kitchen towels. except i think she cheers for the wrong team! :) hail state!
my stepmom and I both bought each other a cutesy kitchen towel. great minds think alike. except she cheers for the wrong team.  #hailstate

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