Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas day 2012

christmas day started out with seeing what santa clause brought the kids. i searched high and low for austin's doc mcstuffins doll. the only way she got it was because i found one in indiana, and her aunt mary picked it up and mailed it to us, along with stuffy the dragon. daddy had a helping hand in picking out bennett's coupe. :)
i think austin was a little surprised. :)
and bennett was just so excited!
we ate breakfast and then opened gifts.
we started cooking lunch after gifts, and it was slightly crazier than last year having 2 kids to deal with. :)

also on christmas, we got some very heart-breaking news. ben's best friend since middle school, chris, passed away on christmas morning from a heart-attack. in the midst of cooking lunch, he and i left to visit with the family for a little while. it was a very bittersweet day for us. we will be traveling to his hometown in alabama for his funeral.

we still tried to have a good day, in spite of such tragic news, for our kids' sake. we enjoyed spending time with them, our parents, and my papaw. :)

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