Friday, November 9, 2012


since having bennett, i feel like i am always behind! one of my major lacking areas is photo-taking. thank goodness for cell phones and instagram, or he may not have any photos of himself. :) a lot of these i have put on twitter or facebook, but here is our life in instagram since bennett was born...

IMG_20120406_184257.jpgIMG_20120407_183435.jpgIMG_20120418_175346.jpgIMG_20120421_105831.jpgIMG_20120421_235322.jpgIMG_20120409_124101.jpgIMG_20120427_191910.jpgIMG_20120503_104326.jpgIMG_20120424_171249.jpgIMG_20120430_165531.jpgIMG_20120504_195420.jpgPicture 3#hailstate @ashiacoleUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledlookin good!maybe she'll be country after all. @ashiacolebennett just tasted a little cereal! (im not a hypocrite, it was organic brown rice!) :) not sure what he thought about it. think we will just start food soon.a little snuggle nap with gammy. @gracefullygfnew highchair! yay!jealous much?? :)sweet babies playing.somebody had his 1st baby food tonight! sweet potatoes! :)a lot of new things lately! :) @TommeeTippee_NAit's genius to have this at the furniture store!!great night at church with @shaneandshane!!best we could get. :) @farmingoodaustin's 1st dentist appointment! :)benny boop. <3:) @katelynmcnair @brad_mcnairbennett rode in the buggy for the first time friday! his happiness was short lived. :)and Austin went to her 1st movie! :)isn't it a little too early to be in love with mickey mouse??so happy to meet @mrskellystamps tonight!! :) #dotmom12181178_10151147215069400_222200063_ncheese!just found this...cutest. sweetest. that's all.time for a walk! :) @newlifestewardboth my boys are snoring. and just an extra plus that I caught them holding hands. :) <3i think this is the 1st time i've let him play with grass? homeboy is too cute for his own good.outfit of the day. #oott #whatever #chooseyourbattlesi find this happening a lot these days. love. <3painting fun. @farmingood#oott #nicelittle mama :)so excited about the zoo with this girl! :)me & my mini me! :) having a blast!waiting at ballet! :)word to my homies... if you ever want 2 baths in 1 day, just poop all over yourself. and your mom. it's good times, yo!waiting on go time. #hailstate #webelieve #beatbama #godawgshappy halloween from my fairy and my tigger!! last year for this dress. excuse me while I cry.  @matildajaneclothing❤ @farmingoodBennett had his first french fry today!! I hate that it had to be from McDonalds, but mama was desperate, and sometimes you just hafta live a little. excited about his 1st bubble bath!!

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