Monday, September 17, 2012

3 years old

  • you weigh 30 lbs.
  • you are 37.5 inches tall.
  • you wear size 2T and 3T clothes. you can still wear a variety of sizes in MJ, including some 12 month bottoms because you're so skinny!
  • you wear a size 9 shoe.
  • you are in panties full time now. even during the night. i used to put a diaper on you at night, but you would teetee in it just because you could.
  • you are so busy! you want to constantly be pulling out toys, puzzles, coloring, painting, running, jumping, etc. you wear me out! :)
  • you started your fall year of school, and you have cried at drop-off almost every time. i hope this is a phase that you will grow out of soon. they say that you have great days, and quit crying in just a few minutes.
  • you love to play in my closet, and walk around in my shoes and jewelry.
  • you love going to the farm!
  • you always ask to wear a dress if i ask you what you want to wear.  :)
  • you started ballet class on august 9th. we had you signed up for a thursday evening class, but we have switched to monday afternoons now.  it is a much better fit for you, and you really love it.  after class, we go to sonic if you have been good and obedient.
  • you usually go to bed around 8pm, and wake up for the day around 7:30-8am.
  • your favorite foods/snacks right now are mac & cheese, spaghetti, grilled cheese, ham or turkey, pb&j, raisins, fruit bars, cereal, yogurt, chili, crackers, goldfish, string cheese, pop tarts, pizza, strawberries, bananas, apples, chicken nuggets (chickfila), and applesauce.
  • you usually choose milk to drink if you have the option.
  • you have learned of the goodness that is also called a cherry limeade.
  • you usually have a hard time falling asleep at night.  mostly because you don't want to stay in your bed.  once i get you to calm down, you go right to sleep.
  • your favorite movies are the lorax, the little mermaid, horton hears a who, tinkerbell, mary poppins, and still alice in wonderland.
  • you went to your first movie today (your birthday) to see finding nemo in 3D.  you loved it and thought it was so cool.  you even kept your glasses on for most of the movie.  we left within the last 5 or 10 minutes because you started getting restless.  you asked daddy for m&ms and sprite for your snack.  :)
  • you have a tender heart, and a strong will.  :)  i love your spirit, and your funky-ness.  :) you definitely don't mind going against the flow.
  • you make nap time really really hard. you try to refuse rest and naps, so it is rare now that you take one.  you usually end up getting a time out/rest time in your room for a while because you're throwing such a fit.
  • you will always come around and apologize for something that you have done, but it sometimes takes you a while to process everything, and say you're sorry.
  • you love to help me cook in the kitchen.
  • you love to play dress up, doctor (give check ups), tea parties, cook in your kitchen, take care of your baby dolls, pretend to go to the grocery store or church, and play puzzles.
  • your favorite saying right now is, "my do it all by myself."  (you always replace the word "I" with "my.")
  • you are starting to use only cups, and hardly ever use sippy cups.
  • you have a hard time sharing with your friends some days.  it will be interesting when bennett gets a little bigger.
  • you want to be a little mommy to bennett. you want to feed him, change him, play with him, comfort him when he's upset, etc.  i have to keep reminding you that he's my baby, and you will have your own baby someday, but for now you can take care of your baby dolls.  :)
  • you get up a lot during the night.  you usually come to our bed at some point, and you also will whine or cry out in your sleep occasionally.
  • you are at a phase that you have a lot of meltdowns and cry a lot.  mostly over things like what color cup i pour your milk in, or that your cookie broke in 1/2.  :)  you will also usually follow that with a fit/tantrum.
  • you have 2 bad habits right now that i pray about daily.  you think it's fun to run away from us in public, and you think it's fun to escape from our house (yes, the doors are "child-proofed") and go to the street.
  • you love church, and you're learning so many Bible stories.  it's sweet to hear you talk about them.
  • you have started learning memory verses at home.  we work on 1 small one a week.
  • you love to sing and dance!
  • you love to make videos of youself, or ask me to record you.

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