Thursday, August 2, 2012

five months


  • you weigh 16.4 lbs.
  • you are 26 inches long.
  • you are in a size 2 diaper, and you will very soon be in a 3.
  • you are mostly in size 6-9 month clothes. 9 month carters, ralph lauren, and boutique bubbles.


  • you never wear shoes because it's so hot, but you are in a size 1.
  • you are still in your infant carrier, but I reaaaaaally struggle carrying you in it. you will be in a big boy carseat by next month.
  • you are still on the same sleep and eating schedule as last month.
  • you love austin, and she really loves you and tries to take care of you.


  • you finally took a formula bottle for me on tuesday night, the 31st. i decided to give it to you after you nursed, and you took 2 oz. but didn't sleep any better. :)
  • you are such a great baby!! for me, and for nursery volunteers.
  • you are drooling a ton. I dread teething. :(
  • you started playing in the exersaucer, and you love it!
  • you are starting to reach and grab whatever i am holding. this includes reaching for my food. in 1 month, you will certainly be ready to start solids.


  • you don't have a favorite toy, that i can tell. you got a sophie the giraffe today, and you seem to really like it!
  • you are still sleeping in the pack-n-play beside our bed. we got your monitor installed, but i know that you will be waking up, so i'm just being lazy, I guess.
  • you don't enjoy the bumbo seat so much. you lean to one side a lot, which makes you uncomfortable, i think.


  • you are pretty content most of the day, but you still like to be held a lot. you are fine as long as i will hold you, or have you right beside me. you only cry when you are sleepy, and when you are hungry.
  • you love for me to blow bubbles on your belly, and raise you up like you're an airplane.
  • you are not wanting to lay down a lot these days. you want to be sitting up more, even though you still need a lot of help.


bennett & austin at 5 months
month photos5

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Breanna said...

Wow! Those two look so much alike! :) I can't believe he is 5 months old already! What a cutie :)