Sunday, June 17, 2012

33 months - 3 months away!

  • you weigh 27.8 lbs.
  • you are 37 inches tall.
  • you wear a size 4 diaper, or a 2/3 pull up.
  • you wear size 2t clothes, and a few 3t. it mostly depends on the brand, because you can still wear some 12 mo. matilda jane.
  • you are in a size 8 shoe.
  • you love to be dressed up in a dress with a big bow or flower in your hair if we're going out.  if we're at home, you always want to wear your jammies.
  • you are so independent. you want to dress yourself, put on your shoes, brush your own teeth, etc.
  • you are very into everything matching.  i guess i have rubbed off on you.
  • you still carry your "ankie" around, which i love.
  • you are not a fan of swimming pools and splashing, but you love baths and bubble baths.
  • you are soooo hard to get to stay on schedule with sleeping. sometimes you take a nap, and sometimes you don't. if you do, it's usually around 2 or 2:30.
  • you are working on potty training, and doing pretty good! you wear panties at home a lot, but sometimes you like to be lazy and beg to wear a diaper. if we go anywhere, you wear a pull up.
  • your eating habits seem to be getting worse and worse.  it's hard to get good food into you!  i'm a picky eater too, so i guess i can't blame you too much. :)
  • you are learning more and more how to correctly pronounce words, and it's a little sad for us.
  • your favorite toy right now is your kitchen and kitchen accessories.  you love to bring me coffee or tea.  you also spend a good amount of time with your baby dolls.
  • you love bennett. you are so good with him, and are so sweet to him. you give him kisses a lot, talk to him, and sing to him.
  • you didn't want anything to do with your daddy for a couple of weeks, but now i think that phase is over.  you ask for him multiple times a day, and get upset when he leaves.
  • you usually go to bed around 9 (we have you ready by at least 8, but you don't fall asleep), and you usually wake up around 7.
  • your favorite foods/snacks are chicken spaghetti, spaghetti or pasta, pizza, mac & cheese, pb&j, applesauce, fruit bars, goldfish, scrambled eggs, chicken nuggets, rolls, crackers, fig newtons, raisins, and pop tarts.
  • you are very into taking photos and videos.  it's probably your favorite thing to do on our cell phones.  you will video and watch yourself for a looooong time.  you've even taken my photos, and videoed me when i had no idea.  i found them days later.
  • you can be so stubborn and strong-willed, but you can also be so sweet and loving.
  • you are learning so many things about life.  a few are... apologies and forgiveness, missing people, taking turns and sharing, praying to God about everything, being afraid, helping others, giving others gifts, being appreciative, lying, spending money and taking care of our possessions, being sick, etc.
you're growing up too fast.

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