Tuesday, May 22, 2012

potty training

i have never potty trained a child before. the only thing i had to go on is what other moms say, what the books say, and my mom helping me. she has been a great help in getting austin and i both motivated to do this.  the only thing that i figured out very quick is to take away the toilet paper, and put it out of reach!!  :)

we started trying to potty train last year. here is miss priss in november...
2011-11-12 12.03.53.jpg
we got no where. she would seem to get interested, and then cry and beg for diapers. i was getting very pregnant, and didn't feel like cleaning up messes.  we called it quits.

instead of using a small kiddy potty, ben and i decided from the start that we would just use the trainer seat cover kind.  i am SO glad that we did this!  hers are baby bjorn brand.  we got the stool and the seat.  (the only problem that i have seen with this brand is that the front is raised up to prevent splashes, and it's really too high.  when she first started using it, i felt like it would hurt her to get on and off.  now she is a little better at getting around it, but i'm still considering buying a different brand.)

we started back this month as soon as she got out of school. i felt that since she would be home most of may, and starting summer school back in june, this was the perfect time. i bought her this book, and y'all... it has WORKED!!
Picture 1
there is a boy version too, and it's called pirate potty.  this is seriously what has sealed the deal with austin.  she LOVES this book.  you can check it out, or purchase it HERE.

i had some moms to tell me to use pull ups, and some moms to tell me not to.  i chose not to.  it didn't take long for austin to realize that tee-teeing in her panties was no fun.  we use pull ups at nap time, and if we leave home.  (i am also still using diapers during those times too, until i get them used up!)  austin likes to pick out her panties for the day.  she tried to get them to match her clothes or her jammies.  that child is too much like her mama!  ha!

since yesterday, she is pretty much 100% during the day using the potty, and only a little tee tee at night in her diaper.  she has even woken me up one night recently to take her potty at 11pm.  i was so proud of her!  basically, all i have been doing is taking her to the potty whenever i think about it.  i started out using a timer, and taking her every 30 minutes, and she was getting really annoyed at that method.  :)  now that we have been doing it for a while, i can just ask her, or she will tell me most of the time that she has to go.

her only trouble has been poo pooing in the potty, and i just have to make her sit there a looooooong time until she will finally go.  her problem is that she wants to stay busy, and doesn't want to sit there so long.  today, i pulled out her innotab, and she played games and watched the little mermaid until she went.  i know she will catch on eventually, and won't have to sit for so long.
Picture 3

a few fun things that i have done to get her interested...
-cute panties  (you know... everything a 2 year old loves... minnie mouse, disney princesses, and hello kitty)  :)
-pampers kandoo flushable wipes (the huggies brand clogged our toilet!)
-stickers and a sticker chart for the bathroom (our potty books came with them, and the kandoo wipes did too.  check your packages to make sure!)
-m&m's when she goes (or skittles, whichever i have)
-minnie mouse strawberry soap to wash her hands afterwards (local peeps, you can find this at lowe's, and they have mickey too!)
-new princess potty book

i also just bought her this little portable potty...
Picture 4
we have used it during our trips to the farm.  it is so neat, and i am SO glad that i bought it.  i have had her cry before because she didn't want to tee tee in her diaper or pull up, so now we have this!  it can also be used on vacation trips, because it is also a trainer seat!

everything i have mentioned in this post (potty seats, portable potty, wipes, books, pull ups, panties, minnie/mickey soap, etc.) you can get at diapers.com!  it's my 1 stop shop, and i order from there at least once a month!  (don't forget to shop through ebates and get cash back!!)

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in the end... it hasn't really been that bad.  like everything else, i had to wait until we were ready, and not rush it!  i have also tried to make it as fun as possible.  it's such a big step for her, and i am so proud!

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