Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mother's day weekend

i was so looking forward to mother's day with my babies this year! in a way though, i don't like it, because there shouldn't be just one day a year that mothers are honored and appreciated.  i sort of feel the same way about mother's day as i do about valentine's day.  it's usually full of excitement and expectations, only to turn out to be just another day.  :)  BUT, it was still a good weekend, and i'm SO extremely thankful for my children!  i'm so grateful to be their mommy!!
we had a great weekend.  my mom took austin home with her on thursday until saturday.  ben and i had a date night friday night (with little man in tow), and got some much needed sleep.  it's frustrating when your 2 month old sleeps WAY better than your 2 year old!  anyway, when austin got home on saturday, she had a birthday party to go to.  (another day, another post.)  when she came in the house that morning, she brought me this cake.  :)  apparently, when she and gammy were at the grocery store, she asked for this cake.  gammy explained to her that it was for mommies because their special day was on sunday.  she said, "i need one for my mommy!!!"  of course, she had good intentions of eating it herself, but it was still sweet.  :)
after that, everyone in the house took a nap except for me, and that also includes gammy and pepaw.  :)  when i got everyone up, we headed down for ben's cousin's graduation reception.
miss austin thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention that she got from family!  :) bennett got to hang with his cousin, ava grace. they are 2 or 3 weeks apart.
gammy and pepaw spent the night and went to church with us.
we went to the early service at church so that we could beat the dining out rush. it was great because we were able to go to brunch, which i love!  and, my sweet hubby and kiddos got me a ronaldo gold prayer bracelet!
i'm so thankful for all of the mom's in my life!  for my granny, that's in heaven, for my mom, and for all of my friends that give me so much advice and encouragement.  love you!

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