Friday, May 4, 2012

ending the school year

austin's preschool had teacher appreciation week a couple of weeks ago in preparation for school to let out the 1st of may. they were asked to bring their teacher homemade cards, and i thought that it was the cutest thing. i had some cardstock that i folded, and austin went to town. she was so excited. :)
she had to stop and have a little fun with mom's shoes. (and she dressed herself, by the way.)
her last day of school for the year was wednesday, may 2nd. what a big girl she is. makes this mama a little sad.
what do you know, on her last day, i was called to pick her up early because she threw up. it was totally random, and she never did it again. i felt bad for her, though, that she didn't get to fully enjoy her last day. we are SO thankful for her teachers, mrs. tiffany, and mrs. amy. they have loved on her and taught her SO well this year!

here's my austi bug on her 1st day of school in august, and also on her last day...

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