Friday, April 27, 2012


at the egg bowl, they announced that sugarland would be coming in april, and ann marie and i were so excited!  we have always loved sugarland!  i knew that i would have a newborn at home, but i really wanted to go, so she got me a ticket just in case.  i started to back out about a week before because i had been sick, but i decided that i really needed and wanted a girls night out.
photo 7photo 4
it was last friday night, and ann marie came to pick me up. austin pretty much thinks that she is the ha! :)
photo 9photo 3photo 2photo 1
i'm pretty sure that this is the first ever photo of bennett smiling, and ann marie got it with her phone.
photo 10
ben finally got home to relieve us of the kiddos, and off we went to the stadium.  we had a couple of random days of cold weather, and it was freezing that night!!  here we are after it was over... ann marie, me, nan (ann marie's roommate), and nan's boyfriend, bill.  apparently the lights made us look green.
photo 5
we had such a great time!!  i'm so glad that i went!  sugarland was AWESOME in concert!  i hope to see them again one day!

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