Sunday, April 22, 2012

strep and paci

we have had several sicknesses passed around austin's preschool this year, but for the most part she has been a healthy girl.  we are always battling with her allergies, but that's about the only thing we've ever been to the dr. for, except for a virus a long time ago.  last week, austin had her 1st little battle of strep.  she had fever for 3 days, and was acting so pitiful.  definitely not herself.  she got a penicillin shot, and was better within 24 hours.
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austin dropped her paci in the car this past weekend, and i couldn't reach it.  she begged and begged for it, but i told her that she would have to wait until we got home.  before i knew it, she was passed out without it.  the Lord told me that this was my opportunity to wean her off of it!
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when we got home, ben and i gathered them up and hid them.  i had cut a slit in 1 a long time ago, and that's the only 1 that we let her have.  when she got ready to suck it later that afternoon, she ran to the drawer in the kitchen to find another one.  she asked me where they were, and i told her that the one she had was left.  she was a little annoyed, but never checked up.  she sucked that paci all week.  i kept asking her what was wrong with it, and she would say that she didn't know.  :)  finally, friday night i asked her again what was wrong.  she said she didn't know.  i told her that it was broken, and she needed to throw it away.  she said, "yeah!"  she went straight to the trash and threw it away.  it didn't take 5 minutes for her to realize what she had done, and she started getting upset.  she wanted to get it out of the trash, but i told her she couldn't, and it was really dirty.  she asked for it that night when i put her to bed, but i told her that she was a big girl now, and she didn't need it.  she then went to bed fine!  it has been smooth sailing ever since
she asks me for it every now and then when she gets upset about something, but most of the time i pretend like i didn't hear her.  sometimes i will just say, "nope. you don't need it," and she doesn't say anything else about it.  i am SO glad that i let her wait until now to do this.  we tried last july when she was approaching 2, and after 30 minutes of crying, we gave in so that we could all go to sleep.  i had a nurse tell me that as long as they give it up by 3, there's nothing to worry about, so i haven't been pushing her.  i think another plus is that she is old enough to understand.  she also knew that she had thrown it away, not mama.  :)

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