Thursday, April 19, 2012


austin is so good at playing by herself that i have to remind myself how important it is for me to play and spend time with her.  i often find her in her room playing.
or reading.  :)
daddy is trying to teach bennett how to shop for tractors.  Lord help me.
i was finally able to clean out and throw away some of sydney's things that were in my cabinet.  my goodness, i miss her still.
austin and jet had a lunch date recently.  ha!  actually, it was a mommy date.  i love getting out and seeing my friends.  some days i feel so cooped up in this house!
2012-04-19 12.02.10.jpg
austin put on my shoes one night, got her backpack and purse, and told me she was going to church.  the garage was closed, so i let her go out the door, and she was having the best time pretending that she was leaving me.  she kept saying, "i be back soon... i going to church to see my friends!"  :)
special thanks to toys r us for sending these toy catalogs in the mail.  not!  austin has been asking for a pink bicycle for quite some time now, but since seeing them in this "book," that is all i have heard!!  i told her that she has to tell santa clause about it.  :)
2012-04-20 13.20.35.jpg

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Lane said...

Oh my goodness! I am so jealous that Austin will play by herself. Ellington almost never does!!! It wears me out!