Monday, April 2, 2012

one month

one month
  • you weigh 9 lbs and 4 oz.
  • you are 20 inches long.
  • you wear a size 1 diaper in pampers, and a newborn in seventh generation.
  • you still mostly wear size newborn clothes, but you can wear a few 0-3 month things too.
  • you cry in your carseat in the car most of the time.
  • you are nursing every 3 hours around the clock.  occasionally you will sleep for 4 hours during the night.
  • you love to be held and snuggled.
  • you like bath time, except for when you get cold.  as long as i keep pouring water over you, you are fine.
  • you are working on holding your head up.  you lift it up, but not for very long.
  • you don't mind the swing or bouncy seat for a little bit, but then you cry to be held.
  • you aren't interested in any kind of rattle or toy yet.
  • you take a bottle when you have to, and you do good with it.
  • you sleep all night, except for your feedings every 3 hours, and you also sleep most of the day.  you are starting to have more awake time here lately, but not for long.
  • you will only sleep in the bouncy seat during the night.  i think you like being elevated.
  • you seem to be growing so fast!

bennett and austin at one month!

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Lane said...

Ha! He weighs less at one month than E did when she was born. Too funny.

He's precious!!!