Monday, April 9, 2012

easter family fun

this was our 1st year to dye eggs with austi bug. she saw the kit sitting on the counter all week, and asked for it. i kept telling her that when gammy came and it was easter, we were going to use it.
she did SO good!  it was a great idea to do it outside, and it was such a pretty day.  she was very careful with the eggs and dye.  i was so proud of her!
a few of our creations.  :)
after we had our big easter meal for lunch, daddy hid eggs for us, and austin couldn't wait to go look for them!
after she found them all, she talked daddy into hiding them a few more times for her.  :)  bennett and i relaxed after the 1st round of egg hunting.
family pic!  bennett's cute little onesie says "chicks adore me."  and he apparently did not want his photo taken!
we were so glad that papaw came to be with us!
while daddy and austin were playing outside, the easter bunny came by!!!!  :)

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