Monday, April 16, 2012

arlee's beach bash and 1st babysitter!

arlee rose is one of austin's best friends. she talks about her all of the time. (if you can remember, we were at the beach together last summer.) she turned 3 last week, and we celebrated her birthday this weekend with a beach bash party! 
austin was so excited about the pool party, even though she never got in the pool. the water was so cold, but most of the kids didn't care!
it was decorated SO cute. they had icees, cake pops, goldfish, cake, jello, cookies, etc.
austin had a blast with her daddy!!
she wanted her floaties on, so i thought she may be brave and get in, but i think she was too smart to get in that cold water! ha!
while we were gone, bennett spent his first afternoon with lala, aka miss hollie. :) i think they were both happy campers. hollie said he slept the whole time.

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